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Statutory activities of the Weles Foundation

1. Conducting extracurricular education, training for raising qualifications, courses, as well as disseminating lifelong learning;

2. Running various types of educational, care, upbringing, rehabilitation and intervention institutions;

3. Running support centers for non-governmental organizations;

4. Cooperation with self-government authorities, government and non-governmental organizations
to the extent specified for the purposes of the Foundation;

5. International cooperation with foreign organizations, in particular dealing with the issues of education, upbringing and rehabilitation;

6. Conducting social campaigns, in particular promoting the attitude of human development by extending knowledge about various areas of life;

7. Organizing cultural, tourist and sports events with the participation of disabled people and socially excluded people;

8. Running your own internet portal;

9. Educational, publishing, scientific and research activities, including conducting training and information campaigns;

10. Supporting the financing and implementation of investments consisting, in particular, in the construction, renovation or modernization of medical facilities;

11. Granting patronage over projects related to the Foundation's goals;

12. Promoting, initiating, supporting, organizing undertakings and projects related to the Foundation's goals.

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