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Athletics Challenge - Arena Ostrow [03/05/2022]

On March 5, the Arena Ostrów sports hall hosted a sports competition for schools - Athletics Challenge.

The presenters were Olympic medalists from Tokyo, Karol Zalewski and Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik. The Weles Foundation cooperates with the Karol Zalewski Foundation. The event was aimed at meeting children with Olympic medalists to encourage them to spend their free time actively.

A total of almost 80 children from 9 primary schools in Ostrów Wielkopolski took part in the competition.

Participants of the event competed in four competitions:

  • standing long jump,

  • medicine ball throw,

  • envelope run,

  • mixed relay race.

As a reward, the first three teams received cups, medals and material prizes, while each participant received a T-shirt and a card with the stars autographs.

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