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Preparation of projects for funding

Opportunity to develop the enterprise

Obtaining EU subsidies includes a number of tasks closely related to the process of applying for a subsidy. The entire process begins with an analysis of the client's needs, and the possibilities of obtaining funds from EU funds to finance specific client projects are also analysed. Then, based on the conducted analysis, complete documentation is created, which is required by institutions dealing with the distribution of EU funds. In addition to the application, both in paper and electronic versions, we also develop a professional business plan, as well as other documentation submitted with the application for an EU subsidy. The client always receives a set of documents from us, which must be submitted to the appropriate institution distributing EU subsidies.

Range of services

We help you achieve your goals

Analysis of the possibility of obtaining EU funds for the implementation of the client's project and indication of programs that will enable financing the project

  • consultation with the client when creating the project's framework assumptions and indicating possible solutions that will facilitate obtaining funding

  • preparation of the application for co-financing along with the business plan and other documentation that is required

  • assistance in the preparation and completion of other documents to be submitted with the application

  • settlement of projects

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