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Your Detoks addiction therapy and treatment center is located near Warsaw. It was created with a mission to help people with addiction problems. The center operates in the field of detox from alcohol, drugs and medicines. In addition, it offers stationary and outpatient therapies, designed for people who cannot participate in basic therapy for various reasons.

Thanks to staying at the Centre, patients take their first steps towards sobriety and increase the comfort of their lives much easier. They also gain a chance to calm down and rest. The classes are based on creating a sense of understanding and faith in our patients. The activities are  multifaceted, and their goal is for patients to achieve harmony in their own lives after the end of full therapy - striving for their return to normal functioning, i.e. stabilizing activity in family life and acquiring the ability to cope with problems everyday life. Patients leave the Center with the ability to emphasize their needs and independently take care of their physical and mental comfort.

The center has over 20 years of experience both in Poland and abroad, through frequent training and improving the qualifications of therapists.

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